Why Us

Dynamic And Flexible

Our screens are Connected to the internet and controlled by highly developed software which enables instant change of messages at any time.

Maximum Impact

Our locations have been carefully selected at every major junction in the metropolitan areas, enabling you to reach close to all the 5 million people in Kampala by day.


Mobicast's wide  network of billboards gives you access to an audience of over 40 million people  over a period of a month.

High Quality Display

Supports upto 4k-high definition video decoding, presenting a clear and smooth image playback image and an excellent advertising effect.

Web Publishing And Streaming Media

Our screens have the ability to play real time web pages (https) and live streaming media;HLS, RTMP(Can be previewed online and played) and  RTSP (Can be played but cannot be previewed online.)

Instant Turn Around

Instead of waiting weeks for a traditional billboard sign to be designed and applied, ad spots can be uploaded to any one or all of our digital billboards in Kampala  within minutes.